Content and SMB marketing. What should you keep in mind before you begin?

Content marketing can become a perfect tool to generate more sales to your business. We give you some tips to encourage you to start.

In today’s competitive environment, some small businesses are experimenting with content creation and leveraging publishing platforms to find new ways to reach their audience.

The Forrester consultancy gives us some numbers of the importance of content today:

Between 70% and 90% of buyers have a decided idea of ​​the purchase just before contacting the seller.

Buyers consume an average of 11 pieces of content before making a purchase , according to the same consultant.

And according to Nielsen:

Almost instantaneous access to information makes consumers five times more dependent on content than just 5 years ago.

To start creating our content as a small business we should take into account some key aspects.

We need constancy, as in any business that begins

You have to be able to publish content on a regular basis and add value to our consumer. Also, do not forget that there is a second very important part: we must be able to get the message to our potential buyers.

We could say that we must dedicate 20% of the resources to create it and 80% to make it reach our audience.

The constant creation of content will give us an advantage over the search engines. The reason is very simple, love the content that is generated regularly. It is a sign that shows trust and authority, so it is an aspect that is valuable for the algorithm of search engines that, like Google, end up showing search results prioritizing some content over others. And our goal should always be to be above those of the competition .

When we talk about content, it is important to always think that we did not just talk about content in text format.We can also use any other audiovisual format, such as graphics, videos, audios, etc.

Each content that we create and is indexed in the search engine can help us in our positioning in search engines .

We should think as if we were one more publisher of a means of communication within our niche market and take advantage of our website as our platform.

We can create our blog , make a calendar with the content to publish and integrate our brand in social networks.As we said before, content creation is a part, but we must never forget that we have to dedicate time to share in social networks like Twitter or Linkedin , in addition, of course, to share via email marketing , etc …

It’s a long road and it takes time

Content marketing will help us build relationships with our prospective buyers over time.

Creating content by offering advice, sharing information and responding to recurring questions in our industry and our day-to-day life is a way to get started. The results are not always immediate but, after a few weeks or even months, it ends up noting its effect.

Recent studies conclude that having a blog generates 67% more leads per month than those who do not.

If, in addition, this content is within a broader strategy, such as inbound marketing , it can give sites many more indexed pages and the possibility of getting more inbound links with which to gain authority in our industry. It is a methodology focused on the capture of leads .

Email is a very powerful online marketing tool

Email is a fundamental tool in our marketing strategy. It facilitates a channel of communication on which to establish a credibility as an organization in an ongoing relationship with our subscribers, thanks to the interest we arouse and what we can offer: useful content that will help them.

For the company, email marketing usually has a great return on investment. For this reason it is a vital tool in our marketing strategy .

Automate your digital marketing

Quickly the contents that we will get to the mail inbox of our possible buyer can overcome us by the effort that entails. That is why marketing automation tools have emerged that greatly simplify processes, such as, for example, email sending or monitoring in social media, etc.

We can rely on some tools like:

  • Mautic
  • Hubspot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Pardot

These, and many more, are focused on recruiting leads, so you’ll have a platform to get even more performance out of your efforts.

If we can not measure it, we can not improve it

Measuring is what will allow us to make marketing a science and not a mere work of intuition.

Marketing should not be viewed as superfluous just for when I have an extra benefit.

Metrics will help us make decisions and make sure we are investing time, money and resources in what brings us closer to our ideal customers.

Search engine positioning and content marketing work very well together

Many people may see them as separate tactics but that thought is the furthest thing from reality, they work much better together.

The good content happens to be well optimized in terms of SEO to be visible to those we want to achieve.People who want to read it and position us as leaders of our field in their minds, creating, in this way, trust and respect.

Content marketing, in short, helps us to create a strategy of what is the best content to reach and activate our audience.

In addition, content marketing helps build trust for potential buyers and generate more qualified traffic to the website. A way to attract, without disturbing, because we give them useful information.

Do you want to start? From Ondho we help you develop your content marketing strategy to take full advantage of its possibilities.