Why use Google Adwords for search?

Google Adwords is one of the most widely used digital advertising systems today, we talk about why to use your ads in the search network.

Reaching new customers is one of the needs of any business to survive . The digital world has added new ways to reach the public by adding options to the traditional marketing of television commercials or radio spots. If you want quick results, Adwords ads for the search network can be of great help.

Even with the ability to segment that these traditional channels can have to reach the general public, nothing will give us better ROI than if we can be located when a person expresses his interest in a product or, much better, his intention to buy and if, in addition , At that moment you are looking at Google may appear my store in one of the best streets, as this is about Google Adwords .

Adwords was born to show the most relevant ads to the search of the users so that they find the advertisement that will be able to solve their need.

A simple and easy system at the same time

Google sends us all coupons to invite us to create our first campaign, but managing and making the campaigns profitable not only depends on the 75 € that can give us.

That is why it is important to have certain notions and to be clear some aspects before launching us or, if we are already, to monetize our ad campaigns in the platform.

To begin with, we must be aware that it is not all about bidding and simply offering more money than our competitors . One of the greatness of the system is that it does not depend only on the amount of the one that has the most money, so that any SME can be competing with the biggest companies from you to you . longtailstrategy (knowing that most of the companies are small or medium) applied to ads that generates many benefits to the company of Mountain View .

You only pay when someone really knows you.

A big and fundamental difference with respect to traditional or digital systems, such as banners, is that we will not pay if we have only been supposedly seen (usually this system is known as CPM, cost per thousand impressions).Google will only charge us when someone clicks (CPC, cost-per-click) and you can see all our complete message or access the site of purchase.

It is true that our content may be indexed by search engines but it may happen that it is not the most relevant for our business objectives. And, of course, any search engine positioning strategy will be the first words to work so that appear in the top positions and gain visibility in the search engine can be a difficult to achieve chimera and less short term. With any SEO strategy, before 6 months you will hardly see results and, if you operate in markets or very complicated niches, can be much more difficult or never reach them.

Adwords is born in response to this (and because Google has to earn a living, of course).

Google knows us better than our mother

Google, as a company, offers a multitude of free services, starting with its search engine, or a fantastic mail service like Gmail , which overshadowed large mail like Hotmail, a suite of web applications like Drive (where you can work in the cloud with your Documents) or even physical phones like Nexus or operating systems like Android, all for free, in exchange for knowing who you are, what your tastes are and where you live.

All this information you collect from you will use it to make your ad system work much better, for example, when we tell you that we only want to show the ad in a certain city.

Advantages of the Adwords system

Suppose we are a business that sells nougat, which has a marked seasonal component, although the dream of these brands is to extend its use throughout the year, we only want to put pressure on a time of year and, moreover, maybe we have specific varieties What we call long tail searches) such as the delicious coconut nougat .

We can create our campaign from November to January, which is when we predict to be more successful only appearing in specific searches, for example “buy coconut nougat”, which denotes a very strong buying intention.

Adwords allows you to create hundreds of ads that, in turn, appear for a multitude of keywords that make it show in a quick, simple, whenever we want and modify it, almost in real time, if we know which of our ads work Better or worse.

  • Choice of moment , best days of the week, months, hours.
  • Allocation and modification of the budget based on what we are willing to pay. We have control over expenses .
  • System agile and simple, everything from its web space, consultable from any device connected to the Internet. If something does not work we can pause or delete it.
Ads on Adwords help us get closer to potential buyers with active interest in our product

Adwords is much more than a system where to incorporate our ads and to use it we must understand how the ad and the keyword relate to our future visitor.

Understanding the user is essential, we must connect with your search quickly through our advertisement.

Therefore the Adwords system is based on three main aspects:

  • Offer correct answers , thanks to the level of quality, to the needs of those who seek.
  • Pay only per click , that is, only if they go to the site where they can convert to our goal or, without going to a website, also making a call.
  • Eliminate intermediaries so that any person or company can create a campaign.

Adwords may seem easy but really getting the most out of it is complex and needs some dedication in time and experience.